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"I    would    like    to    take    this    opportunity    to    thank    the Calvarymen     Quartet     for     volunteering     to     come     into Deerfield    Correctional    Facility.    The    prisoners    really enjoyed   the   enthusiastic   energy   and   gospel   music.   This was   a   success!   You   are   special   people   to   donate   your talent   and   time   to   provide   positive   programming   to   the prisoners."    -    William    Morrow    -    Program    Director    - Deerfield Correctional Facility - Ionia, MI "The    quality    of    the    singing    was    very    good,    but    more importantly   was   the   spirit   the   singing   was   done   in.   I   am very   impressed   by   the   Calvarymen   Quartet.   I   believe   you are   in   this   ministry   to   see   people   saved   and   helped,   not just   to   put   on   a   show."   -   Pastor   John   A   Huffman   -   Smith Chapel - Latham, OH "I   liked   how   you   guys   'looked   like'   you   enjoyed   what   you did.    I    know    you    do,    but    project    that    image    as    also! Thank   you   so   much   for   coming   to   our   'little'   church. Your   attitude   was   greatly   appreciated."   -   Dr.   Keith   Clark - Victory Baptist Church - Taylor, MI "Excellent         harmony!         Overwhelmingly         positive comments   were   heard   ...   the   mixture   of   selections   was wonderful."      -      Reverend      Michael      Hahn      -      Faith Evangelical Lutheran Church - Saginaw, MI - Booking - Barry Maust (810) 412-8711